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What I Desperately Need to Remind Myself of Daily…

Haters Gonna Hate. Lakers Gonna Lake. You get the idea? Yep. And the world will still spin, regardless of who is hatin' or who is lakin'. 😛


I need to quit losing sleep and wasting precious energy and time on negative things. Here’s to ridding my life of negativity and things that don’t help mold me into who I am and want to be!




Cupcake Love

I sketched this cupcake real fast this past Monday. I just did it on a legal pad with a fine-point Sharpie. Crappy, I know. But it was fun. I need to get the sketchbook I bought over winter break [but failed to bring back to school with me] and start drawing again. I really miss art, and I need a physical place to keep all of my random thoughts and ideas. I actually have some more ideas on that subject, but I’ll save that for another post.

But for now, enjoy a virtual cupcake! Hooray! 😎

Music: What I’ve Been Listening to as of Late

Let it be known that I love music.

Mmkay? Mmkay.

I played the b flat clarinet in band all throughout junior high and high school, but of course, me being the bratty little snot-butthole [as my mom would say] I was, I never took it seriously. I did not truly appreciate music at that point in time.

But now? I think that’s changed. I honestly don’t know what I would do without music at this point in my life.

Here are my current top ten favorite songs [in no particular order; just the ones that I keep listening to repeatedly, to the point in which my suite mate probably thinks I’m a total weirdo]. These just never get old. They are amazing.

10. “Quiet Little Voices” ~ We Were Promised Jetpacks

09. “Rangers” ~ A Fine Frenzy

08. “My Sweet Lord” ~ George Harrison

07. “Don’t Let Me Down” ~ The Beatles

06. “D’yer Mak’er” ~ Led Zeppelin

05. “The Girl” ~ City and Colour

04. “Beast of Burden” ~ The Rolling Stones

03. “You Send Me” ~ Sam Cooke

02. “Colorblind” ~ Counting Crows

01. “She’s Got You High” ~ Mumm-ra

What are you listening to?

{By the way, if any high schoolers or junior high kids out there are reading this, please take your music classes more seriously. They matter quite a bit more than you think. Trust me; someday you’ll appreciate what you learned in those classes. Music is beautiful, amazing, and healing. It really does enhance every facet of life.}

I Can Haz?

I decided to make a “wants” board of my own, just so I can remember all of the things that my broke self is currently coveting.

Listed below are the fashion-related things that I want, with the stores of which they are from.

One: Flats from Express. They come in several amazing colors. But I like the peachy-salmon color the best. Yay.

Two: Dress, also from Express. I just think it’s cute and simple. Plus it matches the flats. Heh.

Three: Earrings from American Eagle. Earrings are fun; particularly dangly ones!

Four: Essie nail polish. I love Essie. I adore turquoise. I am going to buy as much nail polish from them as I can get my grubby little hands on.

Five: Shirt from ModCloth. I happen to look great in that shade of yellow. In my younger years, I never was a huge fan of yellow. I think it’s starting to grow on me, though.

Six: Soda Fountain dress in Grape from Modcloth. Cute, cute, cute. I just love vintage-inspired pieces. I need more dresses in my life. MOAR, I tell you!

Seven: Strappy Suede heels from Forever 21. I’m not sure that I would even be capable of walking in these, but I do love me some wedges. My brother’s girlfriend can pull off the cutest high-heeled shoes. I usually just feel more tall and awkward than I already am once I’ve thrown on some heels. But perhaps I need to start embracing wedge heels more often.

Eight: Lemon square bag from ModCloth. Again with the yellow, and the vintage-inspired look. Love it, and I’m not even huge on purses [for a female].

What are you currently coveting? Of course, I want lots of other things too. But as my parents would say, “How’s it feel to want?” Guess I need to wait until I’m not in college anymore… ha.

PS: I’ll try to get a better-looking “board” later. Perhaps I need to do some more Polyvore-ing.

Mmm, Donuts.

Well now.
It’s been about a coon’s age since I last posted a blog entry.
Okay, maybe more like nineteen days.

I’ll work on that, promise. Sometimes I just don’t feel inspired to post anything.

Today I would like to present to you…


… Donuts.

Donuts + Darcie 4Ever ❤

What’s not to love?

I took the above photo in downtown Seattle at a local donut shop this past fall.

I love this photo, and now I am craving donuts. Dangit.

Have a wonderful day, and eat a donut if you get the chance. It will bring joy to you; it is the small things in life, my friends. Small things.

In an Effort to be a Healthier College Kid…

…I’m becoming pseudo-vegetarian.

Is there even such a term? I guess semi-vegetarian, or perhaps pesectarian are appropriate terms?

I kind of like the sound of “pseudo-vegetarian,” because the geek in me is reminded of the word pseudocode, which is related to programming. {Essentially, it is where you plan out what the actual, logical code will look like in English (aka human terms), but it is not written in a particular programming language with proper syntax.} Now then. What this does mean, for me, is that I will ensure that my diet consists of more whole grains and “natural” fruits and vegetables. I will eat little to no meat, because this works for me. I’ll probably consume chicken and turkey the most on a given weekday, but for the most part, I’ll stick to veggies, fruits, and grains. I will still consume dairy products and natural sugars. I’m also going to do my best to consume locally grown products, which means I’ll be hitting up the food co-ops more often. {I’m kind of a sucker for those places. :S}

Regardless of the semantics, I’m not doing this as a silly New Years’ resolution. You should already know how I feel about such matters. I’m doing this because well, pseudo-vegetarianism is what works for me the best. Personally, I don’t believe in full-on vegetarianism, and quite honestly, I’d miss chicken and bacon far too much to ever commit to being a pure vegetarian. I also don’t believe in veganism, but I’m not criticizing anyone else for choosing either lifestyle – rather, I just don’t think they’re right for me.

I’m doing this for several reasons: a) I want a healthier lifestyle to keep my weight regulated, and to help with my depression; and b) it’s generally cheaper for a poor college kid.

Alright. Obligatory explanations/disclaimers/yadda yadda yadda out of the way, let’s do some meal planning, shall we? I know what you’re thinking: since when did a foodie such as yourself become boring? Well, I don’t think that being a pseudo-vegetarian has to be boring, now does it? Nope. Below I’ve included what I’ll typically eat for breakfasts, lunches, drinks, and snacks. I will still be eating dinner in the dining halls, because unfortunately, I have a meal plan at college, and I cannot allow my parents’ hard-earned money go to waste.


  • Crisped rice with chocolate soymilk
  • Various types of granola with whole milk
  • Various types of granola with Greek yogurt, sweetened with honey
  • Oatmeal with applesauce and cinnamon, possibly with cut up bits of fruit {I’m using the apple sauce in lieu of some of the water, because I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal, and I’m hoping this will spice things up a bit.}
  • Greek yogurt with raspberries, blueberries, and pomegranate seeds
  • Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, honey, and fruit


  • Couscous with tomatoes, feta, and spices
  • Falafel burgers {Falafel is surprisingly delicious; I never knew how yummy it was until I went to St. Louis and had some!}
  • Turkey, spinach, and cheese wraps on whole wheat tortilla
  • Crockpot vegetarian chili {There are no rules that say I can’t have a crockpot in a dorm, so booyah!}
  • Whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, and some veggies on top
  • Whole wheat pita bread with hummus, black olives, and fresh sweet peppers
  • Frozen broccoli, cooked in the microwave
  • Updated: Spinach feta blood orange salad {YUM!!}
  • Updated: Chickpea, tomato, and feta salad {Also delicious, healthy, and easy.}

Snacks/Lunch Accouterments:

  • Apple with peanut butter, almond butter, or Nutella
  • Dried cranberries/cherries
  • Greek yogurt with fruit and possibly honey
  • Mixed nuts
  • Dark chocolate {Sometimes with caramel, sea salt, and espresso beans. Yummy!}
  • Applesauce with cinnamon
  • Cheese sticks
  • Green pepper sticks and carrots with hummus
  • Whole wheat bread {from local co-op} and real butter
  • Oranges {Specifically blood oranges if I can find them; they’re delicious!}
  • Popcorn


  • Water with a lemon or lime {Citrus fruits really do add a nice zest to water, trust me!}
  • Coffee with cream and sugar
  • Unsweetened teas

That wasn’t so bad, was it? There’s plenty of variety, which truly is the spice of life!

Got any ideas for me? Let me know.

*ALSO: Stay tuned! I’ll be including how my lunches will look cute and fun in my new containers, assuming that my silicone cups arrive before I go back go down to school. *crosses fingers*

On Finding a Blogging Niche

Many articles on blogging success suggest finding your “niche” as a blogger. {Believe me, I’ve read my fair share of blog advice. I am obsessed with blogging, after all.}


I’ve been mulling over this a lot lately, and I think that part of me agrees with the fact that one should have a niche and focus to their blog. However, part of me also wants to rebel against that notion; I don’t totally want a niche just yet.

Part of this could be due to the fact that I’m still figuring out who I am. Heck, I’m in my early twenties. How am I supposed to know everything about myself yet? I’m still growing and molding myself into who I want to be. And I guess that, to some extent, life will always be like that. And also? One of the best things about blogging is that you get to document your journey throughout life. That’s why I love it so much.

All rambling aside, what I have discovered through all of my pondering is this: For my blog, for what my future website shall be, I will have a main focus, but I won’t hesitate to blog about some of my other passions. I think it will go something like this:

  • Main Focus: First and foremost, my dream is to become a food blogger. I’m obsessed with food, with baking, with analyzing recipes, and I love food photography. So I think that, for the most part, food would be my main “niche.” {Particularly baked goods!}
  • Other Ideas: But I don’t want to post solely about food. I think I’d like to post some beautiful photos that I’ve taken, and I’d like to see how I improve as a photographer and artist. I’d also like to become a stronger graphic artist, and post some inspiring graphic art. In addition, I want to talk about fashion, beauty, and other forms of art and self-expression. I want to discuss crafts and other fun, “artsy-fartsy” ideas. And finally, I want to talk about life in general. I want to be open about struggles. I want to talk about my reasons for being happy. I want to write and post my goofy lists. Overall, I just want a beautiful and inspiring space in which I can share my life.

What do you think about blogging? About finding a niche?

Am I crazy, or has blogging been one of the best things to ever happen to you, too?

Because I’m absolutely, positively in love with it.

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2012: Seven Un-Goals

I am not good at coming up with witty titles.

Anti-resolutions? Un-goals? Un-resolutions? Who knows.



The point, as I’m sure you have guessed by now, is that I’m not a person who has ever been a fan of formal New Years’ Resolutions.

Why? I dunno, they always just seemed kinda dumb to me.

Maybe I am a New Years’ Grinch of sorts. Bah humbug!

Anyway. I did think of seven {because seven is my lucky number, yo} “resolutions” of sorts for this year. But I don’t think that they should just apply to 2012; I think that they should apply to the rest of my life on this earth. They’re simple, because I like simple. And they’re easy, and I think you should try them out too, because they are not too difficult to incorporate into everyone’s daily lives.

Seven Simple “Anti-Resolutions,” by Darcie

1.) Floss more often. Flossing takes me approximately two minutes, and the only reason that it takes me that long is because I have a bar behind my bottom teeth {from orthodontic work} which requires me to thread floss through it. It should take the average person even less time, and it’s an easy way to improve your oral health, which I think that many of us take for granted.

2.) Drink more water {preferably with lemon}. I love water, but even I do not drink enough of it. However, staying properly hydrated helps your skin and overall physical health. Lemons add a nice burst of flavor and helps to keep the constant water-drinking less monotonous and boring. Now I’d just like one of those cute, reusable glass bottles to tote my H2O around! {I’m going to purchase one from the co-op store in Urbana sometime soon. I’ll post photos when I finally get one!}

3.) Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I’m not going to completely change my diet, and I’m certainly not a health nut. However, I’d like to incorporate more healthful foods into my diet. Specifically, I would like to eat more whole wheat products, including cous cous. I’d also like to snack on mixed nuts, fresh apples, and dried cranberries. Nothing drastic; just some simple, tasty adjustments.

4.) Read more books. They say that the well-read individuals are generally more intelligent. I decided to use to organize the books that I’m currently reading, books that I wish to read, and books that I have read in the past. I dunno if I’ll become more intelligent, but I have noticed that reading does help increase my vocabulary, and I do enjoy reading…  I just need to make time to actually do it more often!

5.) Decrease negative self-talk; increase self-confidence. I, like many individuals, have a hard time shutting off that negative self-talk. But I’m working with my counselor on increasing positive self-talk so that I can learn to better love myself. I think we can all use some more positive self-talk, so I’m gonna start by naming one positive thing that I love about myself {forewarning: some posts may be entirely dedicated to this, haha!}: I have awesome, beautiful red hair.

6.) Go for more walks. Going for walks is an easy way to de-stress, improve my mood, and get in a little exercise. In addition, it’s a great way to practice mindfulness; that is, to take in all that is around oneself and enjoy the moment.

7.) Give someone a genuine compliment at least once a month. For some odd reason, I’ve always felt like a creeper when I hand out compliments. I don’t know why. That seems stupid, now that I think about it. When people compliment me, it usually makes my day. I really think that other people could use compliments more often, so I’m going to attempt to tell people that they’re appreciated, that I love their cute outfit, or that they look absolutely glowing. It will do both myself and other people some good, so why not?

Happy New Years!

I look awesome, so I have to share this photo:

I love this fedora, and I love the dress I’m wearing. More pics to come soon, but for now I have to get going so that I can ring in the new year with two of my girl friends from high school. For more of my New Years’ babbling, go to my SIUC blog.


Darcie 🙂