2012: Seven Un-Goals

I am not good at coming up with witty titles.

Anti-resolutions? Un-goals? Un-resolutions? Who knows.


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The point, as I’m sure you have guessed by now, is that I’m not a person who has ever been a fan of formal New Years’ Resolutions.

Why? I dunno, they always just seemed kinda dumb to me.

Maybe I am a New Years’ Grinch of sorts. Bah humbug!

Anyway. I did think of seven {because seven is my lucky number, yo} “resolutions” of sorts for this year. But I don’t think that they should just apply to 2012; I think that they should apply to the rest of my life on this earth. They’re simple, because I like simple. And they’re easy, and I think you should try them out too, because they are not too difficult to incorporate into everyone’s daily lives.

Seven Simple “Anti-Resolutions,” by Darcie

1.) Floss more often. Flossing takes me approximately two minutes, and the only reason that it takes me that long is because I have a bar behind my bottom teeth {from orthodontic work} which requires me to thread floss through it. It should take the average person even less time, and it’s an easy way to improve your oral health, which I think that many of us take for granted.

2.) Drink more water {preferably with lemon}. I love water, but even I do not drink enough of it. However, staying properly hydrated helps your skin and overall physical health. Lemons add a nice burst of flavor and helps to keep the constant water-drinking less monotonous and boring. Now I’d just like one of those cute, reusable glass bottles to tote my H2O around! {I’m going to purchase one from the co-op store in Urbana sometime soon. I’ll post photos when I finally get one!}

3.) Eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. I’m not going to completely change my diet, and I’m certainly not a health nut. However, I’d like to incorporate more healthful foods into my diet. Specifically, I would like to eat more whole wheat products, including cous cous. I’d also like to snack on mixed nuts, fresh apples, and dried cranberries. Nothing drastic; just some simple, tasty adjustments.

4.) Read more books. They say that the well-read individuals are generally more intelligent. I decided to use http://www.goodreads.com to organize the books that I’m currently reading, books that I wish to read, and books that I have read in the past. I dunno if I’ll become more intelligent, but I have noticed that reading does help increase my vocabulary, and I do enjoy reading…  I just need to make time to actually do it more often!

5.) Decrease negative self-talk; increase self-confidence. I, like many individuals, have a hard time shutting off that negative self-talk. But I’m working with my counselor on increasing positive self-talk so that I can learn to better love myself. I think we can all use some more positive self-talk, so I’m gonna start by naming one positive thing that I love about myself {forewarning: some posts may be entirely dedicated to this, haha!}: I have awesome, beautiful red hair.

6.) Go for more walks. Going for walks is an easy way to de-stress, improve my mood, and get in a little exercise. In addition, it’s a great way to practice mindfulness; that is, to take in all that is around oneself and enjoy the moment.

7.) Give someone a genuine compliment at least once a month. For some odd reason, I’ve always felt like a creeper when I hand out compliments. I don’t know why. That seems stupid, now that I think about it. When people compliment me, it usually makes my day. I really think that other people could use compliments more often, so I’m going to attempt to tell people that they’re appreciated, that I love their cute outfit, or that they look absolutely glowing. It will do both myself and other people some good, so why not?


One thought on “2012: Seven Un-Goals

  1. […] semantics, I’m not doing this as a silly New Years’ resolution. You should already know how I feel about such matters. I’m doing this because well, pseudo-vegetarianism is what works for me the best. Personally, […]

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