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Favorite Photos from Fall 2011

Here are some of my favorite photos form this past fall – my second to last semester of my undergraduate career.

Great times; great people. 🙂

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I Love Bamboo

I love bamboo.

Random Musings of Life

I have been keeping myself occupied with classes, homework, student work, and fitting in a little social time as well. I am working on attempting to relax and enjoy time alone more, however. Overall, it has been a glorious semester, though the past week was not especially fun, for multiple reasons. Regardless, I am pressing onward. It is all I can do, and I will be a better and stronger person in the end.

{This is basically my life motto.}

I just felt like blabbing about a few of the fun things that I’ve been up to lately.

    • I got a 48-pack of Prismacolor colored pencils from Hobby Lobby the other day. These pencils are amazing. Seriously, if you’re an artist, they’re the real deal. I haven’t had the chance to play with these in a long time, and I’m so happy that I found a 40% off coupon on Hob Lob’s website and went in and got myself some to draw with again. I am enjoying getting back into art again; it’s so very therapeutic. Hopefully I can post some of my drawings soon. I am silly and left my sketchpad at home, though, so I will have to see if my mom can ship it to me at school.

    • School work has been busy, but very interesting and thought-provoking. I have been extremely busy with classwork, but I’m truly enjoying the learning process as of late. It has been very fun and I’m so happy to be fortunate enough to be receiving an education. I am ready to be done, though, because I do have a slight case of senioritis. But I’m doing my best to soak it all in and enjoy the moment {possessing mindfulness skills really helps in this situation}. 🙂
    • I’m loving getting back into yoga. I signed up for a class at my university’s recreation center, and I am so glad that I did. I’ll be honest: yoga is not easy, and I haven’t even tried to do it in several years. The first day of class was kind of rough; I feel so awkward doing some of the positions. That being said, yoga is amazing, healing, and great for your body and spirit. I felt its effects on my body – I was sore for a day after doing it, but that will change soon. I will become stronger – both mentally and physically – as I continue practicing it. I would like to practice it after college as well.
    • I am going to my first roller derby bout next weekend, and I couldn’t be more intrigued and excited about it. One of my mentors and friends is a roller derby girl, and she’s invited me to go to the local bout. I’m either going as an audience member, or I may be able to volunteer by selling tickets, which will get me in for free. I admire the derby girls; they’re tough chicks, and it looks like a lot of fun. So with all that to say, it should be an interesting experience.
    • I’m working on drinking more water. This has been kinda tough, as one of my main vices in life is Mountain Dew. I can go several days without it, and then my body starts having withdrawal symptoms and I end up caving. I hope that I can get to a point in which I no longer need it, but it’s just so addicting sometimes. However, I have been better about drinking more water and unsweetened tea. I’m going to attempt to continue monitoring my intake of various beverages.

I hope that life for all of you has been wonderful lately. Despite the ups and downs of daily life, I have found an abundance of joy in my life as of late, and I hope that I continue to be joyful. I have so many things to look forward to in the upcoming months, so there’s really no excuse to be anything but happy. ❤